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Vicarious Books: A Unique Company
Vicarious Books is a small, independent publishing company which was established in 2006 to publish the Go Motorhoming Europe guide. Since then Vicarious Books have published a range of groundbreaking motorhome and camping books.

Vicarious Books have published campsite titles Sea View Camping and Camping Morocco. All of our guides are printed in full colour and the sites are inspected and included purely on their merits. It is not possible to pay to be included  or to advertise in our guides.

In 2007 Vicarious Books published the first motorhome stopovers guide written completely in English for France, called All the Aires France. The All the Aires guide series also includes All the Aires Spain & Portugal and All the Aires Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. Practical Motorhome have made the following comments: 'All the Aires France, is a spectacular guide which covers exactly what it says.' '...even more important than your tea bags'.

In addition to our own guides Vicarious Books sells a range of guides from other publishers. Vicarious Books is the UK agent for France Passion, Fattore Amico and the ACSI Camping Card. As experienced motorhomers and lifelong campers, Vicarious Books staff are able to evaluate the most suitable books, maps and guides on offer. Our aim is to provide the best information available, so you can make the most of your camping trip. For an overview of book titles sold by Vicarious Books click here or to see our complete product range visit our on-line shop.


For review copies, competition copies, author interviews or other PR or press enquiries, please contact Vicarious Books directly on 0131 2083333 or fill in our online form.


Vicarious Books works with freelance authors, writers and campsite inspectors. If you are interested in working with us please click here.


 Camping guide books for Britan, Europe and Morocco

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