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Subject: Vicarious - Product News Accessories to Beat the Heat
Date: June 14th 2018

The theme for this newsletter is “Beat the Heat” because two of the products will definitely help keep you cool on those hot summer nights. As Meli and I head off on another inspection tour of France, we are using both products to combat heated bedtime situations.


BedAirer Mattress Underlay
We have been using BedAirer since January and it's successfully cured our camper bed of condensation. For this trip we’re trying a layer of BedAirer under the mattress and one on top of the mattress to improve airflow further and keep us cool in the heat of the night. See if we can avoid the night sweats on Facebook

If you haven’t already, take a look at this marvellous product

Fiamma Thermo Roof Vent Shield 
The aluminium surface on the Fiamma Roof Vent Shield reflects sunlight, keeping inside temperatures cooler in summer. It works equally well in winter by reducing heat loss from the top vent. As a bonus, we have also noticed a significant reduction in light and noise pollution since installing it. 

Key Features

  • Suitable for all rooflights
  • 40cm x 40cm x 6mm
  • Easy to install and includes all fixtures
  • Easy to remove for access to vent

Buy now for £12.99

Greeting Cards & Tea Towels
After the popularity of the Armcher Christmas cards, we now have a range of humorous caravan and motorhome-related greetings cards. They're blank, so are suitable for any occasion. The cartoons are so relatable you will make any motorhomer or caravanner’s day by sending them one of these cards. Meli and I have stockpiled some ourselves, especially Public Toilet and Pooper Scooper. 

See the full range of greeting cards from £1.65

And after you’ve spilt your tea from laughing at the greetings cards, you can mop up the mess with the Caravan and Motorhome Site Tea Towel

Summer Getaways
If you're already dreaming of your summer holiday, don’t forget that the ACSI Camping Card will still get you discounted rates at campsites across Europe until mid July and then from September to the end of December 2018.

If you’re only planning a brief getaway, remember you can buy All the Aires France North on its own. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit on a short break in northern France. You may even bump into us somewhere along the way!

Happy camping, 

Chris, Meli, Pami, Sam and Ryan

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