Five new guides and accessories for caravanners and motorhomers

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Subject: Five new guides and accessories for caravanners and motorhomers
Date: February 15th 2019
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With so many new products it was hard to know where to start but, it is so nice to have something for everybody.

Are you impressed that I have gone pictorial with our newsletter? I would appreciate your feedback.

  • New caravan tyre live monitoring
  • 2019 Alan Rogers Europe in stock
  • Discounted pre order reminder France Passion
  • 2019 French Aires guides
  • Spring clearance bargains

Monitor your caravan tyres as they roll

Michelin have produced a new, improved and cheaper TPMS, tyre pressure monitoring system, that has both car and trailer tyre sensors.The system can also be used for motorhomes towing cars.

Michelin have also produced a contactless tyre pressure gauge that is so clean, quick and easy to use that even the most apathetic person would use it. If you don't believe me see my video where I fit a new sensor and take the tyre pressure in 30 seconds.

Michelin TPMS spare sensors image

2019 Alan Rogers Campsites in Europe

This book is perfectly designed for people that take one holiday per year and those who want to make the right campsite choice first time and every time. It is a bit like me quality over quantity; could you imagine how confused Meli would be if there were more than one of me to choose from? (I think he meant irritated, Meli.)

Only £14.99 inc UK postage. Buy yours now

Alan Rogers Camping Europe 51st Edition image

Pre order your France Passion by Monday 18th to save £2

Apply the discount code FP2019 to save £2 off your France Passion 2019 pre order. The discount code will be valid until midnight on February 18th and the books are due in to us in mid to late March.
Become a member now or read more.

France Passion 2019 image

2019 French Aires guides

We have been selling Le Guide Officiel Aires CC... for 12 years and this is the first time that the number of entries has been reduced. What's more by 700 less which I don't understand because we inspected 509 new French Aires during the past two years.

All The Aires France 3rd editions will be available for pre order next week so, please wait for the next newsletter. We should have dispatched by March 15th.

Le Guide Officiel Aires De Services Camping-Car image

Spring cleaning bargains found

We need to make space for stock so we had a tidy up and discovered that we are holding too much stock of some great accessories and guides. The two best bargains are the £7.99 hook up reel and the £11.99 single barrel foot pump kit that includes a tyre pressure gauge and a tyre tread depth gauge.

See all of our great bargains in ourReduced accessories guide books

Sale item image for sale collection
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