Tour Denmark for free in your Motorhome or campervan

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Subject: Tour Denmark for free in your Motorhome or campervan
Date: May 31st 2019

Scandinavian tours stay with you forever

Our own grand tour of Europe started in June allowing us to enjoy the best of the summer in Scandinavia. We regularly reminisce about our time touring Scandinavia because it was by far the most diverse, interesting and pleasurable time we had whilst we were full-timing.

Pintrip the Danish passion scheme

Denmark is the gateway to Scandinavia and it introduces you to the charming Scandinavian culture and customs. You have probably heard that everything is expensive including the campsites, however there are plenty of campsites that offer ACSI discounts throughout June.

Tour Denmark for free in your Motorhome or campervan with a new France Passion emulation called Pintrip.

I am sure you all know how France Passion works so, I won’t bore you with the functional details of Pintrip.
The key points are:

  • Good description written in English for the 186 handpicked stopovers.
  • 24 hours free parking and no obligation to buy.
  • 14 symbols convey details such as access for big motorhomes, dogs welcome, toilets, water and other onsite facilities, etc.

Learn more about Pintrip here

Nordic Camper the essential Scandinavian guidebook

For many years we have sold the comprehensive Nordic Camper guidebook that details a vast number of stopovers, service points and campsites all over Scandinavia. 
The Denmark section has:

  • 64 Service points.
  • 178 farm sites.
  • 81 stopovers near a marina.
  • 28 Aires stopovers.
  • 106 private places.
  • 38 camping sites.

Learn more about Nordic Camper here

Buy Nordic Camper Now

Med venlig hilsen, Chris

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