ACSI Pre Order and New Brexit Travel Blog

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Subject: ACSI Pre Order and New Brexit Travel Blog
Date: November 1st 2019

ACSI Pre-Order and New Brexit Travel Blog

Meli asked me to proofread her useful information for winter sunseakers blog, and I just had to write a satirical forcast about Storm Brexit. The good news is that we can now take worldwide ACSI pre orders safe in the knoweledge that nothing will affect our mid-December dispatch. 

  • ACSI Pre Order 
  • Brexit Forecast for Winter Sunseekers Blog
  • We're going to Spain

ACSI 2020 Also taking EU and worldwide pre orders 

Now that BREXIT is on hold again, I am in a position to release the ACSI pre order to Europe and worldwide orders.
Dispatching Mid December
Save £1.48 by applying the “ACSI2020” discount code at checkout.

Pre-Order Now

Brexit Forecast for Winter Sunseekers Blog

Meli has written a very useful blog explaining everything you need to know if you are wintering in Spain and Portugal. She asked me to proofread it and I had a little fun creating a satirical introduction, see it below the link

Overall low pressure looks set to continue until the 31 January 2020. During this period British citizens can travel freely in euroland wherever the wind blows them.
A pocket of high pressure is building over Westminster and filibustering is likely to build into an impenetrable fog for most people on the 12th of December. 
We may be able to predict the direction of storm Brexit on Friday the 13th when we find out who fills the seats after the political pass the parcel. The celebrations will probably be cut short because the House of commons will batten down the hatches for the Christmas holidays.
Current computer models suggest that the Parliament could be hung, (some might consider this a good idea) and if that is the case the outlook for storm Brexit is turbulent for the foreseeable future.

See the important and useful information here

We're going to Spain and Portugal

Meli and I are off for a two-week tour next weekend. If you follow us on facebook I will do my best to take interesting and amusing photos as usual.

Happy Camping, Chris, Meli and Ryan

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