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New Italian Aires and TPMS discount

July 27th 2018

Dear Subscribers Our WildAx camper just had its first birthday so we took it to parties at WildAx in Elland, Yorkshire and Motorline in Ashford, Kent, who provided excellent service. WildAx went above and beyond normal expectations, for which we are very grateful. WildAx also carried out a couple more modifications for us. All we need now is a time travel module and we will have the perfect camper. *Contents* Italian Aires Guide 2018 £20 off Michelin Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Too hot to sleep? *Italian A ...Continue Reading

New 80kmh speed limit France and 2019 AA Road atlases

July 6th 2018

Dear Subscribers I can imagine that the new 80kmh speed limit across France will suit a lot of motorhomers and caravanners. We have provided everything you need to know to keep legal on our blog and some interesting observations about French driving style too. The 9 minutes extra travel time per 100km is insignificant for most people, but we will lose half a working day per 10 days during inspections. You can help us by submitting site updates or ‘stayed the same’ at all of the Aires you visit. A ...Continue Reading

Vicarious - Product News Accessories to Beat the Heat

June 14th 2018

The theme for this newsletter is “Beat the Heat” because two of the products will definitely help keep you cool on those hot summer nights. As Meli and I head off on another inspection tour of France, we are using both products to combat heated bedtime situations. BEDAIRER MATTRESS UNDERLAY FIAMMA THERMO ROOF VENT SHIELD GREETING CARDS & TEA TOWELS SUMMER GETAWAYS BedAirer Mattress Underlay We have been using BedAirer since January and it's successfully cured our camper bed of condensation. For this tri ...Continue Reading

Vicarious - Product News - Six new guides for Scotland and Scandinavia

May 31st 2018

Dear Subscribers Before I tell you about the new guidebooks I feel I should write a paragraph about GDPR. Overall I believe that GDPR is a good thing. For example, we have mucked out and improved our systems adding several more layers of security. We had to update our newsletter sending program to reach compliance. The improvements include fair tracking features that anonymously record how many receiver reactions there are, i.e. click throughs, unsubscribes and undelivered bounces. In the unlikely event that you have ...Continue Reading