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Our Campervan is for sale and Covid Travel Blog

July 24th 2020

Five New French Guidebooks

March 5th 2020

France Passion 2020 and Camping Ireland

January 24th 2020

Pre order France Passion Early Feb Dispatch France Passion have excelled themselves this year, being one month early. I already have the books but I won't get the membership cards and stickers until early February. Discounted Pre Order Save £2.50 Dispatching early February. The £24.50 discounted preorder price ends on February 18th. Thereafter £27.00 . This French motorhome stopover scheme becomes more and more popular every year, thankfully there are so many wonderful ...Continue Reading

ACSI CampingCard and Bord Atlas 2020 In Stock

December 5th 2019

ACSI CampingCard and Bord Atlas 2020 In Stock ACSI Pre Order News.   We will have completed the Pre Order post out today. If you have already pre orderd you will receive your dispatch confirmation email this afternoon or tomorrow. [*]ACSI 2020 Camping Card in stock  [*]Bord Atlas 2020 in stock [*]Discount code instructions [*]Unbelieveable new Aires in Spain and Portugal ACSI 2020 CAMPING CARD IN STOCK ORDER NOW I know that most of you have already ordered your ACSI C ...Continue Reading

ACSI Pre Order and New Brexit Travel Blog

November 1st 2019

ACSI Pre-Order and New Brexit Travel Blog Meli asked me to proofread her useful information for winter sunseakers blog, and I just had to write a satirical forcast about Storm Brexit. The good news is that we can now take worldwide ACSI pre orders safe in the knoweledge that nothing will affect our mid-December dispatch.  [*]ACSI Pre Order  [*]Brexit Forecast for Winter Sunseekers Blog [*]We're going to Spain ACSI 2020 Also taking EU and worldwide pre orders  ...Continue Reading

ACSI 2020 Pre Order Now

September 24th 2019

ACSI 2020 discounted pre order It is that time of year when I try to tempt you to order your ACSI CampingCard before we have stock. To encourage you to preorder now I have offered a bigger discount than usual, in part to reflect the annual price rise. REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION [*]UK delivery address only during Pre-Order. [*]A non UK discount code will be included in my December newsletter, or before, BREXIT permitting. [*]Dispatching Mid December, BREXIT permitting. [*]Sa ...Continue Reading

Tour Denmark for free in your Motorhome or campervan

May 31st 2019

Scandinavian tours stay with you forever Our own grand tour of Europe started in June allowing us to enjoy the best of the summer in Scandinavia. We regularly reminisce about our time touring Scandinavia because it was by far the most diverse, interesting and pleasurable time we had whilst we were full-timing. Pintrip the Danish passion scheme Denmark is the gateway to Scandinavia and it introduces you to the charming Scandinavian culture and customs. You have probably heard that everything is expen ...Continue Reading

Two French and 1 Scandinavian guide

March 28th 2019

Dear Subscriber We have visited lots of the French Beautiful Villages because so many have allocated motorhome parking. I strongly recommend that you plan some into your next French tour and I have compiled _a photo gallery to inspire you._ Cat lovers will find the beautiful village of La Romieu just purrfect, see _Meli’s cat blog here._ The requirement for visiting and driving in Europe will most likely change so make sure you read Meli's Blogs. _4 Must-do checks before entering the EU_ and ...Continue Reading

Aires France in stock

March 14th 2019

Dear Subscribers We worked tirelessly this week to dispatch all of the pre orders; it was lovely to be so busy. Discount code ATAF3 valid until Sunday save £1 now I appreciate that you may be waiting to see what happens with BREXIT, but I thought you deserved one more chance to _order All the Aires France_ and save £1.00 by applying the *discount code ATAF3* at checkout by midnight Sunday 17th. I have removed the free fuelgrip offer, however you can _*buy one now for £2. ...Continue Reading

Car or motorhome windscreen squeegee and sponge

March 7th 2019

Aires France final preorder reminder below Dear Subscribers I have been searching for a good quality sponge/squeegee combo for 18 months. I have used the same make of black handled windscreen squeegee in hundreds of fuel stations all over Europe, but they have no manufacturers mark. Last week I stumbled across the manufacturer when searching for something else. Without hesitation I ordered a box of their extendable aluminium truck and coach squeegees. I will order more on Friday when I know how many more I ...Continue Reading


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