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Tour Denmark for free in your Motorhome or campervan

May 31st 2019

Two French and 1 Scandinavian guide

March 28th 2019

Dear Subscriber We have visited lots of the French Beautiful Villages because so many have allocated motorhome parking. I strongly recommend that you plan some into your next French tour and I have compiled _a photo gallery to inspire you._ Cat lovers will find the beautiful village of La Romieu just purrfect, see _Meli’s cat blog here._ The requirement for visiting and driving in Europe will most likely change so make sure you read Meli's Blogs. _4 Must-do checks before entering the EU_ and ...Continue Reading

Aires France in stock

March 14th 2019

Dear Subscribers We worked tirelessly this week to dispatch all of the pre orders; it was lovely to be so busy. Discount code ATAF3 valid until Sunday save £1 now I appreciate that you may be waiting to see what happens with BREXIT, but I thought you deserved one more chance to _order All the Aires France_ and save £1.00 by applying the *discount code ATAF3* at checkout by midnight Sunday 17th. I have removed the free fuelgrip offer, however you can _*buy one now for £2. ...Continue Reading

Car or motorhome windscreen squeegee and sponge

March 7th 2019

Aires France final preorder reminder below Dear Subscribers I have been searching for a good quality sponge/squeegee combo for 18 months. I have used the same make of black handled windscreen squeegee in hundreds of fuel stations all over Europe, but they have no manufacturers mark. Last week I stumbled across the manufacturer when searching for something else. Without hesitation I ordered a box of their extendable aluminium truck and coach squeegees. I will order more on Friday when I know how many more I ...Continue Reading

All The Aires France Pre Order Now

February 22nd 2019

Five new guides and accessories for caravanners and motorhomers

February 15th 2019

With so many new products it was hard to know where to start but, it is so nice to have something for everybody. Are you impressed that I have gone pictorial with our newsletter? I would appreciate your feedback. [*]New caravan tyre live monitoring [*]2019 Alan Rogers Europe in stock [*]Discounted pre order reminder France Passion [*]2019 French Aires guides [*]Spring clearance bargains Monitor your caravan tyres as they roll Michelin have produced a new, improved and cheaper _TPMS_, tyre p ...Continue Reading

France Passion 2019 Discounted Pre Order

February 1st 2019

Dear Subscribers I worry every year that the title of this fabulous French scheme will cause email algorithms to go “Ooh la la, this message looks like processed pork meat from a rectangular tin.” I could apologise to anyone who did not get this message but that would be pointless, so think yourself lucky -- not only have you received this email, but you can save £2 on your preorder too. Read further to find out how. France Passion 2019 Pre Order This scheme is so established and well promoted that I ...Continue Reading

New 2019 guidebooks and maps in stock

January 18th 2019

Dear Subscribers Our recent sales trends lead me to believe that people are waiting for clarification about European travel before making plans this year. Forget Dry January, I suggest that you beat Brexit and book a crossing before they change your duty free allowance. Contents AA UK Caravan and Camping Guide 2019 Camping Ireland 2019 Snow Shovels Michelin Maps 2019 Camperstop Europe 2019 Trailer’s Park Greece Map 2019 AA UK Caravan and Camping Guide 2019 This is the best quality campsite guidebook available for UK ...Continue Reading

CamperStop Europe 2019 in Stock

December 21st 2018

Dear Subscribers The Vicarious team is attempting to break out of an Escape Room today as part of our Christmas do. One of the best things about owning a camper is being able to spend the night at a friend or relative's house in your own space. I like to go to bed at 9.30; do you think I will get away with it at the outlaws on Monday? Contents CamperStop Europe 2019 In Stock We have received CamperStop 2019 today, just before we closed for Christmas, so you can order your copy now but it will not be dispatched ...Continue Reading

Christmas Closure 2018

December 17th 2018

Dear Subscribers Contents Christmas closure dates and annual round up Increasing our leisure accessories products has been very interesting for us this year, but I am pleased to say that travel guides for motorhomers and caravanners remain our core business. Meli and I started our touring year in March, skiing near Annecy, and then inspecting Aires in the French Mediterranean region. Our final trip was again in the south of France in November, a nice extension to our wonderfully long summer. Our first 2019 trip will ...Continue Reading
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