Camping Morocco

Vicarious Books published Camping Morocco in August 2009. There are no plans for a new edition of this guide but details of updates and new campsites we are informed of can be found on our Camping Morocco updates page Camping Morocco details 100 open all year Moroccan campsites which were inspected in 2009. The guidebook also has 50 beachside parking areas along the Moroccan Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, many of which have beaches suitable for surfing. Camping Morocco features full colour photographs of the camping sites. GPS coordinates - points of interest (POI's)- for your satellite navigation machine (satnav) are provided for every Moroccan listing. Campsite suitability for large motorhomes, RVs and fifth wheel caravans are identified. As we do not have a section for African campsite guides, you will find Camping Morocco listed under European Campsites in the web shop. This campsite guide for Morocco is suitable for people overlanding with tents, towing caravans, and driving motorhomes, campers, RV's and fifth wheel caravans.Camping Morocco is another unique guide from Vicarious Media, as there is no other campsite guide for Morocco in English and no other guide in any other language with colour photos of each site. Every campsite listed in the Morocco guide was inspected and photographed by Vicarious Media.

The introduction has the most comprehensive and up to date information available for anyone intending to go camping in Morocco.

    Morocco is just one hour by ferry from Spain, but disembarking travellers find they have entered life from a bygone age, everything seems different yet familiar. There are some people dressed in suits, but many more wearing pointy hooded cloaks. On the chaotic roads, modern cars jostle for position with donkey carts. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey of discovery into lands and cultures that have not been ravaged by modernisation. With this guide, no matter what you do or where you go during the day, you can be confident that your evening destination is going to be exactly where it says it is and the site is going to be just as described.

    Morocco's climate makes it great for camping, especially if you take your own vehicle and go and explore this fascinating country. The open roads and dramatic scenery will appeal to all adventurers whether they travel by bicycle, motorcycle, car, 4x4, camper or motorhome. This is a campsite guide for everyone.

    Morocco is an all year round destination, but camping during the summer may be too hot for some. So if you don't want to boil in the bag the best months to visit are from October until June. Increasing numbers of campers are visiting during the winter months; most people drive the Atlantic coast, some in search of warm winter sunshine, and others looking for Atlantic surfing. All the open all year campsites and surf spots along the coast were visited in 2009 and have been listed in the guide.

    GPS Co-ordinates These are presented in the N53°17.508'W003°38.763' format and were taken at the site entrances.

    Campsite location Camping Morocco is laid out in the same style as other Vicarious Media guides. There are overview maps at the beginning of the campsite sections and the parking areas section that show the locations of the sites. Each site is numbered both on the maps and in the listings so can be located quickly. The Moroccan campsite entries are one per page and the daytime beach side parking areas are two per page. Each entry has up to five colour photos showing the site, toilets, entrance and other facilities.

    Andy and Nette Clarke undertook extensive Moroccan campsite inspections and they gathered a wealth of essential information before and during their 14000km journey. The important and useful bits gleaned are provided in Camping Morocco for future over-land travellers.

    Key Information

    • 100 Open-All-Year campsites
    • 50 Beach and surf parking areas
    • GPS Coordinates taken onsite
    • Detailed directions
    • Up to 5 photos for each Moroccan campsite
    • All the coastal and key tourist areas including the Atlas Mountains
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