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Vicarious Media are proud to be the UK agent for ACSI Publishing BV. We highly recommend the ACSI Camping Card. The ACSI Camping Card has 3412 participating campsites across Europe, many more than Camping Cheque or other discount camping schemes. With the CampingCard ACSI discount scheme there is no upfront outlay for more expensive camping or freedom cheques that may not be used. GPS coordinates in the Camping Card Guidebook are in the following format N44°52'51" E001°13'13".

There is no upfront commitment with the CampingCard ACSI and no Camping Cheques to purchase. Having bought the guidebook, card enclosed, simply present the Camping Card at reception of participating campsites to gain your discounted off season pitch price. Discounts are available most of the year, except July and August. Small charges can be made by the campsite to cover tourist or environment taxes and waste disposal.

The only thing you need to do is write your name and address on the back of the ACSI camping card, that presses out from the cover, (see bottom right of picture). You can of course use the campsites all year and at only £18.47 inc UK P&P you only need to use it 1-2 nights to start saving.

A clever alphabetical key allows you to choose exactly the campsite you need; C means they accept dogs (which many do), E by a river, F by a lake, and G close to sea. I with public transports.

Countries covered by the 2020 ACSI discount Camping Card

  • Austria 89
  • Belgium 56
  • Croatia 84
  • Czech Republic 14
  • Denmark 71
  • France 1505
  • Germany 335
  • Greece 40
  • Hungary 13
  • Ireland 18
  • Italy 309
  • Luxembourg 27
  • Netherlands 379
  • Norway 15
  • Poland 8
  • Portugal 34
  • Slovenia 18
  • Spain 284
  • Sweden 38
  • Switzerland 36
  • UK 39

ACSI inspects over 9000 campsites every year and many display the ACSI logo, but it is only the 3319 in this year's guide that offer discount camping.

Who should buy the ACSI Camping Card
The Camping Card scheme is ideal for anyone travelling in Europe this year. Whether you exclusively pitch up at campsites or just occasionally like to use them as pit stops, the ACSI Camping Card scheme will save you money and enable you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Anyone travelling to Italy should have a Camping Card as Italian overnight pitch fees can be extremely expensive.

Essential for all campsite users.

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