Go Motorhoming

Go Motorhoming Europe was first written by Chris Doree and Meli George in 2006 and was republished by Vicarious Books with amendments in 2008. Go Motorhoming Europe was rewritten and published in the autumn of 2011 and revised in December 2016. It was renamed Go Motorhoming and Campervanning ( ISBN 9781910664025 ) to reflect that the theory is the same whether you tour in an American RV or a VW campervan. The rewrite was significant and hundreds of photos were added, but the truth is the book remains the most respected guide available about the theory and practice of motorhoming and campervanning. Everything you need to know is explained in words and pictures, from which motorhome to buy to where to go on holiday in your motorhome. 

Go Motorhoming is now available as an ebook. Buy a copy of the ebook or download a free sample from Smashwords.

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Go Motorhoming and Campervanning cover