Motor Presse

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Motor Presse produce two guidebooks annually for France in French. The Guide Officiel Camping et Caravaning France has 9333 classified campsites, which includes all the French municipal campsites. There are also 586 aire natural sites, these are simple campsites found in rural locations and only opened for a few summer months. 187 farm camp sites complete the guide. The publisher claims "every camp site in France without exception is listed here in The Official Camping and Caravanning Guide", which is published by Move Publishing in partnership with the Fédération Française de Camping Caravaning (FFCC) and updated every year. This campsite guide book is suitable for tents, caravans and motorhomes and is the only campsite guide book that features all the small and municipal campsites of France. Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car is also published by Move Publishing. Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car  comes with a foldout map and the guide book details the motorhome stopovers known as Aires in France. Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car is only suitable for motorhome and camper vans.

Every Campsite in France 2017
Cover of Aires de service camping car 2018